Ramadan Package 5 Days Shaban + 10 Days Ramadan

Rs. 79,000/-per person

Ramadan Package Eid in Madinah

Rs. 97,000/-per person

Ramadan + Eid in Madinah 7-19 Ramadan: Makkah, 20-30 Ramadan: Madinah

Rs. 1,10,500/-per person

About Ramadan

The act of performing Ramadan i.e. fasting seems to be highly virtuous for every single Muslim individual. Just like getting into the holy act of Hajj, Ramadan also provides significant rewards of getting close to Allah, seek His eternal blessings, purifying past sins and also arousing a sense of spirituality within self.

Especially during the month of Ramadan, performing Umrah has of highest significance in life where you get to see millions of pilgrims from all across the globe doing Sehri and Iftar with pure heart.

If you like to experience the same, then "Royal Makkah Tours" best at the forefront as an ideal Ramadan tour operator in India Who offers customisable Ramadan Packages to Islamic individuals.

One of the trusted and well-connected travel agency who offers plenty of Ramadan packages as per personal requirements of different travellers. Mainly offering packages that include accommodation, local transfer, guide facility and other such arrangements to make Umrah goes memorable for a long-lasting time.

Here, Ramadan budget packages available for pilgrims that are looking for a pocket soothing deal to make their dream come true of performing Umrah. Under such deal, everything is being arranged from a cost-effective point of view yet keeping comfort and luxury at first hand.

On the other side, there would be Ramadan luxury package that appear complete opposite to Ramadan economy package in terms of facilities like accommodation, food, local transportation and other such amenities.